Smarteletec was founded mid 2012 and established in 4 countries (Spain, Jordan, Gaza and Qatar). Smarteletec client base has always represented a board cross section & local, national and international organizations. Our active customer base spans the Educational Organizations Services, Government, Health , Sports, Airlines, Automotive Industry and banks sector like beIN Media, Al Wajba and Al Fardan.

Our Focus
Smarteletec is entirely dedicated to build mobile applications. we take your idea and shape it into highly polished Android and iPhone applications . We at smerteletec aim to help your business create and launch an app that satisfies business needs, provides an intuitive user experience, and launches successfully to your specific audience.

Smarteletec offers one of the most complete portfolios of unified enterprise communications solutions individually tailored to satisfy its customers' requirements. These range from feature-rich call managers for small and medium businesses and highly scalable ones for large enterprises, integrated mobility, call center solutions to a wide selection of terminals. With a strong focus on open standards.

Our people
Whatever they do, all Smarteletec professionals share certain core values and qualities: they are innovative, eager, professional and customer oriented.

Our organisation
In everything Smarteletec does, at every level of the organisation, we underpin our results-driven approach with a commitment to operational excellence. As well as meeting clients specific requirements, we aim to add value by offering you access to the wealth of knowledge Brunel has at its fingertips.

Our services
Smarteletec innovative & excellent services distinguish us from the market competition; we focuse on client experience and in depth knowledge of the business needs in all the sectors.

Your future?
Our people have a drive to ease the world communications; we invest time in our products and services to make sure that the client experience is extraordinary while maintaining your company business style and functionality at all levels.


Mobile Design & Development

We take your idea and apply our experience to create and puplish highly innovitave android and iphone apps .We are matching them with a server backend and aligning them tightly to beatuiful full-featured websites.

VoIP Development & Security

SmartCom can be integrated with any Call Center for as long as it supports VoIP or IP – to – IP communication.


Dr. Maen Rajab

Managing Partner

Hani Wael

VoIP Director

Tamer Abu Ghali

Senior Web Developer

Mohammed Zaqout

Senior Android Developer

Firas Fatoum

Senior PHP Developer

Shahd Humaid

Graphic Designer

Reem Al-Hanbali

Senior Android Developer

Imane Mhidi

Technical Writer

Sara El-Moussaoui

Data Entry


  • Standards and quality

    At Smarteletec, we have designed our Quality Management Program to reinforce our emphasis on both quality of product and quality of service delivery throughout our engagements. We strictly adhere to the QMS designed based on the ISO 9001:2008 principals. We involve Smarteletec staff at all organizational levels. There are three types of review during any engagement: Client Review, Project Phase Review and Post "Go Live" Review.
  • Latest technologies

    SmartCom is utilising the VoIP latest technologies to present the entire communication user experience through mobile application, SmartCom features are not comparable to other mobile communication apps in the market like Viber, Tango, Whatsapp, Media 5 etc, as SmartCom contains all the features in those apps but with a main difference that SmartCom is designed for businesses not individuals.
  • AlJazeera Sport accomplishment

    Smarteletec supported AlJazeera Sport to communicate bi directional calls, SMS and Chat with their service subscribe through SmartCom.

    Before Implementing SmartCom
    AlJazeera Sport Retails TV Smart Cards required for decrypting AlJazeera Sport TV Channels from 1+ to 10+; the digital broadcast rights that AlJazeera Sport owns have generated a base of service subscribers in all MENA countries, subscribers are calling AlJazeera Sport call center which is based in Qatar to get assisted, obviously if the call is placed from outside Qatar then Subscriber will end up paying for international expensive call.

    After Implementing SmartCom
    SmartCom has enabled the subscribers to communicate Calls, SMS and Live Chat FREE of charge with Aljazeera Sport Call Centre through mobile application also allowed them to have self service functions such as checking account status and EPG.
    SmartCom helped AlJazeera to cut their communications cost by %70 at minimum; and enabled AlJazeera Sport to provide its subscribers with free communication service; SmartCom has also optimized the call centre operations through the call back feature.
    Added Value: Generating new income from the Ads, send FREE BULK SMS and building their own community.
  • Goals and philosophy

    - Easing world communications Our number one goal is easing the communications and overcoming all the telecom limitations and restrains to live in borderless world.

    - Think out of the box
    Creativity is driven from freedom and our team is influenced by thinking about what no one else would think about because we are not here to copy any ideas and we are to be the best at what we do.

    - User focused
    Our orientation and center of focus are end users (your clients) and we work hard in our labs to make sure that our products are very user-friendly with the most common telecom behaviour.


  • Open Source
  • Mobile App
  • VoIP Development
  • Web App
  • Desktop App


We were really surprised that such technology do exist and we did not hesitate to implement SmartCom immediately.

Hamad Al-Jaber, Head of VIP Customer Service beIN Sport

Capacity and speed are very important to us as we are serving more than 63 telecom operators worldwide and Smarteletec eased a lot this communication through SmartCom.

Ibrahim Rayyan- CEO, Kalam Telecom



Mobile apps have become a need rather than a luxury so mainly Smarteletec provides mobile applications development services .Our expertise lies in building Android and iOS applications with enhanced products experience.

Smarteletec serves a board cross section & local, national and international organizations. our active customer base spans the Educational Organizations Services, Government, Health, Airlines, Automotive Industry and banks sector.


Mobile philosophy

Transform your idea into real and highly interactive mobile applications by delivering simpler and effective user experience to the end consumers of the app

Mobile app UI/UX

Our dedicated designers work with app designing tools and follow the latest design guidelines while designing amazing user interface for your app

Mobile app development

Our mobile app developers execute their plans after thorough research and study in mobile development to perfectly fit your business idea into different mobile devices including handsets , tablets and iPads

Backend infrastructure

Our apps are not stand alone . We are matching them with a strong backend infrastructure

Launching and Publishing

No need to spend time in launching and publishing by yourself . We at Smarteletec take this part by releasing ready-user version of your app to different app stores

App Front-End website

Your app can be tightly aligned with beautiful and full-featured websites


Smarteletec provides enterprises with consultancy services in telecom industry with extensive knowledge of 15 years and international team which implemented very complex solutions helping the world(s) business sectors and government worldwide to effectively communicate internally and externally.


Smarteletec is focusing on VoIP technology as VoIP has always been seen as an innovative technology that saves major costing on telecommunication and this complies with our products strategy of providing clients with cost effective solutions. Smarteletec provides both the Call In/Out & SMS In/Out modules along with the interconnection with telecom operators, the Regular Calls and SMS services are offered through our strategic partner Kalam Telecom which can offer A-Z Calling and SMSing routes across the globe.

Telecom Solutions

Smarteletec telecom solutions are designed to serve the requirements of our clients through the best available integrated technologies; which will provide our clients with sufficient variety of mobile communication tools to help our clients in choosing the right solution that fits the requirements.


Smarteletec uses SmartCom to connect to telecom operators worldwide for Value Added Services (VAS).


Smarteletec provides a wide range of out sourcing services from Staff to Telecom equipment(s) to cope with the markets needs while supporting companies to face any challenges.


Smarteletec client base has always represented a board cross section & local, national and international organizations. our active customer base spans the Educational Organizations Services, Government, Health, Airlines, Automotive Industry and banks sector.

We build products that can scale to your business' needs, regardless if you're a startup, an enterprise, or a governmental organization.

beIN point of sale (POS)
beIN Sports
Prestige Cars
Castle Limo
Al-wajba Motors
You Click We Care
Mobile Doctors
Hows Call
Qatar Way
Smart Guia
Tec Taxi
Numero eSIM



Smarteletec was successful in developing wide range of customised white labeled mobile apps based on the already developed projects to fit varity sectors on the market.

Integrate SmartCom at your Call Centre to enable free communication between the call centers and clients.
SmartCom is designed to interconnect Clients with Call Centres; it suites big enterprises who provide services and operates Call Centres and wish to save in communications which will include Video, Voice, SMS, Chat and Voicemail.

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Smart Health is a Health Management System that allows Hospital, pharmacies and insurance companies to communicate with their customer through a mobile application and provide their customer with an ease of access to their EMR (Electronic Medical Record), referrals, and health tips with all that provided through a user-friendly mobile application.

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Smart Express is providing SECURE ENCRYPTED communication that includes all communication features provided by Smart explained earlier, because of the security feature including the data encryption; Smart Express can target Business Communications, Governments Communication and Military Communications etc...

Smart POS is designed to provide new "Point of Sales" or to provide the existing POS with more control, Café owners or managers for example are able to measure the waitress/waiter efficiency also the kitchen chef efficiency.

Smart Auto is a Dealer Services platform that allows Car Dealers to provide their customers with Mobile & Web Apps to book service appointments, request a roadside assistance, view cars catalogue, buy spare parts plus the communication features like messages, complaints, request a call back and important secure file transfer. SmartCom Auto integrates with the Car Dealer DMS (Dealer Management System) and provides user friendly interfaces to manage the services offered through the mobile app.

Smart Limo is a platform that allows the Taxi and Limousine companies to connect with their clients through mobile and web apps, it can be branded with your company look, integrated with your preferred payment gateways and business models.Smart Limo helps the company to manage customer, drivers and cars through user friendly interfaces. You will be able to serve call center requests, mobile app requests and hotels requests through Smart Limo.

VIMS is based on a voice message recording (with the option of interactivity) ; broadcasted directly to your clients / customers (to their mobiles or landlines)
The VIMS is sent to your clients / target audience through a voice interactive call. Their interaction is recorded and then analyzed to be displayed as results for you.

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Hows Call

Mobile Doctors

Mobile Doctors



Smart Voice

Smart Voice

Castle Limo

Castle Limo

Smart POS

Smart POS

Tec Taxi

Tec Taxi

Smart Limo

Smart Limo


19 December 2016
By Smarteletec
In Sports

beIN app

Smarteletec is proud to launch Mobile beIN app in app stores.

17 December 2014
By Smarteletec
In Medical

Mobile Doctors App

Smarteletec is proud to launch Mobile Doctors app in app stores.

09 May 2013
By Smarteletec
In Mobile modules

Aljazeera Communication App

Smarteletec is proud to be the technology partner for Aljazeera Sport.

23 Jan 2013
By Smarteletec
In Technology

Smarteletec Office in Qatar to Serve MENA

The innovative telecom solutions company in Spain, announced the opening of a regional office in Doha, Qatar to serve the MENA Region.

23 October 2013
By Smarteletec
In Technology

Smarteletec(s) enterprise UC solutions

Unified communications take centre-stage for solutions provider.



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